Piloh was born in 2010 from the Italian designer Paola Santilli.
Paola draws inspiration from nature, so her contemporary creations have a very intimate connection with the natural form. The philosophy of the brand is developing a metaphoric atlas of natural, artificial and cultural elements.
Through experimentation with textures and organic shapes, using the idea of conflict, Piloh creates one-of-a kind pieces inexorably linked to the location where the objects are imagined and conceived. The study of the object is the result of observing nature and the influence of discrete material combinations.
Piloh has exhibited at Milan Design Week as well as Maison & Objet-Paris.

Italian designer Paola Santilli, born in Spoleto in 1979, studied International Communication at the University of Perugia, earning her bachelor's degree in 2004. After graduating, she studied fashion and design at "Polimoda International Institute" in Florence. Simultaneously, she took a specialist qualification in sculpture and wet felting in Turin. In 2005 she moved to Milan, and until 2010 she worked as a communication consultant for various companies. She founded her own project (Piloh) in 2010. In 2013, Paola moved to London and went on to study design at UAL Central San Martins, where she studied Technical Drawing for Design. She returned to Italy in 2014 and began collaborating on unique commissions for interior designers and architects.